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Let The Demonization Begin

Apparently a sports commentator on Fox, a Jason Whitlock, made this statement: “I did not go as far as I’d like to go because my thoughts on the NRA and America’s gun culture – I believe the NRA is the new KKK.”

And this, after Bob Costas made a comment that this one guy, that Kansas City Chiefs player and his girlfriend, would still be alive if he had not had access to a gun.

For fuck’s sake, people. My dad had THREE GUNS. Three shotguns. They sat on a rack on the wall. They didn’t jump off the damn rack, load themselves, and come running after me or my mother. They collected dust until someone put a hand on them, took them down and used them. When my parents went skeet shooting, they took me along, and there were LOTS OF GUNS around there. No one ever shot me.

Yes, by the time I was 8, I could pack the shells for Dad’s guns. They still didn’t shoot me.

Only recently has there been this ridiculous demonization of guns and gun ownership. This is a new thing, just like the anti-religious bullshit. I am getting fed up to the back teeth with this. I’m going to start  documenting this kind of hate coming from the LEFT.


Batman Slaps Robin


OK I’m posting this because I believe I need to make several of these that apply to me. Only they’d have different words.

Me as Robin being slapped, saying, “But the first Europeans who came to the New World did not break any laws, so by definition they weren’t illegal immigrants – you can’t break laws that don’t exist yet.”

Batman slapping me, saying, “Check your white privilege, you stupid bitch! OF COURSE they were illegal immigrants!”


Me as Robin, saying, “Paganism really isn’t just about nature worship and earth spirituality…it has to do with ancestor worship…”

Batman: “Shut up, you idiot! It always has been and always will be about Mother Earth!”


Me as Robin, saying, “I support the troops!”

Batman: “All military personnel are just brainless thugs who are paid just to kill people! You’re a Nazi!”


Me as Robin, saying, “My father owned guns and he wasn’t an irresponsible redneck jackass about it.”

Batman: “Racist white supremacist! Guns are always evil and should be destroyed! No proper liberal favors guns or gun ownership!”

That one is why I posted this:


I mean, come on.

Anyway, that’s the idea. Usually I see the Batman meme favoring liberal positions, but I’m here to say that liberals HAVE in fact been in the position of Batman themselves, and it’s time they owned up about it. It’s time SOMEONE called them out on it. Someone HAS to do it, unpleasant as it is.

They’ve ALL become utter Nazis that demand conformity to their views, or else you’re not a REAL liberal/American/pagan/whatever….

happy birthday to me…happy birthday to

happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me….

She writes: I’m a 50-year-old white woman who lives in the swing state of Colorado. I’m married, I’m a mom, I have a PhD, and I’m a Christian. In Boulder. I can’t imagine trying to explain the world without faith and science. I’m upper middle class, but I come from blue-collar stock. I believe in capitalism, but I also believe its inevitable excesses must be tempered with regulations – you know, Genesis, original sin, the human propensity for greed and all. I’m pro-life in the fullest sense of the term. I’m happy for my gay friends who want to marry – I’m all for commitment when it comes to sustaining the social fabric. My evangelical grandmother, whom I treasured, was a member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. I’m a Democrat who likes hymns and red wine. Try squaring all that when it comes to putting me in a political box.

Time to stop demonizing Christians.

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

‘We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.” – Anais Nin

If there’s one word that seemed to characterize Romney supporters’ immediate reaction to Obama’s victory, it’s “shock.”

A conservative Facebook friend posted this status: “For the first time in my life I am at a loss for words…absolutely baffled by the electorate and the election results, especially considering the current state the country is in.”

A radio reporter interviewed a woman at the Romney campaign party in Denver shortly after the election was called. Her response simmered with anger as she pondered the reality of how more than half the nation had voted: “What don’t they see?? It’s mind-boggling!”

What they don’t see are people like me.

I’m a 50-year-old white woman who lives in the swing state of Colorado. I’m married, I’m a mom, I have a PhD, and I’m a Christian…

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Let Hope Rise

Many people are grieving for our country today. My Facebook feed, made up mostly of conservative Christians, is like the day after a bomb dropped. Early polls showed 80% of evangelicals voted for Governor Romney, and many are shocked and grieved by the outcome of the election.

I am grieving for the church.

Many people are posting on Facebook that this win signals people want handouts and don’t want to work, signals the death of our country’s ideals and an electorate who doesn’t care enough to be informed, and is a national endorsement of abortion, gay marriage, and weed. Most of these posts that I saw came from people who are Christians, and to those posts I have to give the following response:

I humbly and sadly disagree. I think this split in our culture is about the church. I think it is about the marginalized (the people the church…

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From My FB Page

This kind of comment makes me hugely angry…I found it on another page…

Sue Henderson said: “To me soldiers aren’t heroes (they’re at the nice end of the gun) but people like this who risk their own lives and put their own health and safety on the line or simply give of themselves to help out, they’re the real heroes in this world.”

My US Army veteran husband says “You’re welcome.” For the three years of service he rendered in the military, protecting your Constitutional right to talk trash about him.

FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, BITCH. To ME, YOU don’t deserve Constitutional rights. Maybe if they were taken away from you, you’d come to appreciate them and the people who protect them a bit more than you do. Go move to Afghanistan, you worthless waste of human flesh.

I get REALLY TIRED, REALLY FAST of people who blow off our military. They should have their citizenship revoked and they should be thrown out of here. I hate the sanctimonious attitude of “oh, they’re just paid thugs, they’re brainless morons who can’t string a sentence together, if they actually could do something useful they wouldn’t be in the military,” etc.

Apparently a lot of people still think that the military takes any old brain dead washout. Not so, not any more.

Plus, this idiot does not seem to realize that active duty military personnel ARE FIRST RESPONDERS. Where the hell does this brain dead twat think first responders get their training? College?! The US Army Corps of Engineers is one of the first agencies the govt sends out for disaster relief. This would include men like Joe, who was a combat engineer and whose skills in construction and demolition could definitely come in handy during cleanup. Hey, if nothing else, he can operate a chainsaw and cut up fallen trees to get them out of the way of the roads – which, by the way, he would know how to repair if damage to the actual road itself had been done during a storm like Sandy.

Oh, but soldiers aren’t heroes.


Why I Could Not Vote Romney

This past Saturday, early voting began in Florida. So I went up to the Winter Park Public Library and I cast my vote – for Obama/Biden and other candidates (as well as voted on certain ballot initiatives) as advised by the AFL-CIO. Just as I did in the last election, I took my AFL-CIO voter guide to the booth with me and followed that as I cast my votes. I figured any candidates & initiatives that the unions supported would be far more friendly to far more working-class Americans.

Not that I would have voted Romney anyway – and these news articles explain why:

While Firefighters Battle Sandy, Romney Eyes Cuts To Firefighter Funding


4 Ways Mitt Romney Botched His Hurricane Sandy Response

And by the way, have a gander at this little conversation in the comments on this one:

Mr. M. Knight said: “It’s the phrase “privatized disaster relief” that really makes me cringe in this article. I just can’t see that going well. “Let’s make a profit from human tragedy” seems to be a recurring meme in business, and it’s about as contemptible as it gets.”

This was followed by a comment from Miss K. Liebman, who said: “It’s called insurance.”

To which, Mr Knight said: “I think that’s kind of a contemptible business, too. Look at say, how health insurers try to avoid paying, or why we need laws about denial of pre-existing conditions.”

J. Kelly said to K Liebmann: “You mean like flood insurance? That isn’t going touch damage to public streets, utilities, open public shelters, maintain rescue and hospital personnel, etc. After Bush, many states simply do not have the resources to fund these critical elements to save lives. Insurance is not an answer in this case. Sorry.”

Yes, apparently Liebman doesn’t realize that damage to public areas doesn’t fix itself. What a myopic woman she is.

Anyway, Ms. M Moon said: “Two years after hurricane Ike people were still waiting for insurance to pay for the costs of roofing/repairing their homes. Insurance isn’t the answer.. but apparently republicans think it’s only poor people that relief goes to in disaster areas?? lol”

Here’s another one: “Liebman, do some research on the hurricanes of 2004, when 4 of them slammed into Florida within a 2 month period. Not only did the insurance agencies find ways to claim that flood insurance didn’t cover water damage, that it was the homeowners insurance for that since it was caused by the roof being torn off by the wind. That would be wind damage. Then homeowners insurance turned around and said that flood damage wasn’t covered under the homeowners policy, that’s what flood insurance is for. Then many of the big insurance companies pulled out of Florida completely, leaving us with nobody to insure our properties. So the state came up with their own Citizen’s insurance, which cost an arm and a leg, if you were lucky enough to qualify and afford it. Even then, it didn’t do enough to help. Perhaps you’ve been a renter all your life and just don’t understand how things work. Regardless, I hope you never have to face what disaster victims go through. It is a nightmare, I can tell you from experience.”

This is quite, quite true. LOTS of people went through this here in FL after the 2004 hurricane season. I was damn lucky.

Another comment: “I’ve lived in Florida and now in New Jersey so I’ve seen first hand how both blizzards and Hurricanes can be especially when it comes to needing aid in disaster situations, Sadly someone who has never had to deal with it, someone who knows nothing about what they’re saying is condescending and down right disgraceful.”

Another: “Just so you know, flood insurance is astronomically expensive to obtain and many companies will not insure people who live in coastal areas or even if their houses are on flood plains, which is the very point of having it in the first place. It doesn’t always work out as smoothly as some would lead others to believe but walk a mile in the shoes of someone who just watched their house float away before you speak.”

And another: “Clearly you don’t know how insurance works. We will all see higher premiums because of this disaster. That’s how they recoup their losses. Imagine if it was all privatized, your premiums for home owners insurance would be 5 times higher under normal conditions and would increase exponentially after a disaster. They HAVE to make a profit. So, with outrageous premiums many could not afford insurance, esp. not all the extras like flood coverage. Privatization does only one thing, create a giant gap between the haves and have nots. Even Romney’s idea of leaving it up to the states to take care of disasters would crush state economies in places that have disasters regularly, like Oklahoma, and state taxes would go through the roof. When it is handled by the feds, using fed. tax dollars, with banks giving low interest and no-interest loans, it is cheaper for everyone and the people whose homes are destroyed and businesses are destroyed are able to get their lives back faster and the local economies return to normal faster. We may be a Capitalist country, but we don’t have to focus on the profit line for everything. Sometimes people just need help.”

Another: “Insurance may pay for some of your damage, but it doesn’t help clear the debris, help find emergency shelter, pass out food and water, set up porta potties and showers, help relocate high schools and hospitals, and all kinds of things that an organization like FEMA does. Come visit us here in the Joplin MO area and we can tell you about disasters and what the states and private groups can and can’t do.”

That’s enough of that for now. And that’s the problem with the 1%ers like Romney – he is so completely out of touch with the rest of America, he has no idea and can’t even mentally picture/fathom what life at our end of the spectrum is like. If his home is ever threatened by disaster, he can just jet off to somewhere that’s not having a disaster and even buy a whole new home, he’s that rich. That’s “insurance” to him – having enough money in the bank to replace every house, car, boat, whatever that he owns, if it is ever lost.

Here’s another quote by him that disturbed me a great deal:

How can I vote for someone like this??

Here’s another:

Romney Advocated Privatizing FEMA For Disaster Response

He really utterly disgusts me. Such a privileged, out of touch, snotty brat. He’s basically just one of those rich kids you ran into in school who thought he had the world by the tail and a downhill push, and he acted like it and still acts like it. Unbelievable.