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Please note that this meme, extolling the virtues of non-civilized/non-industrialized life, was made with a PHOTOGRAPH (taken by someone using a CAMERA) and edited/assembled and then shared on a COMPUTER, which was connected to the INTERNET.

So much for the glorification of uncivilized/non-industrialized/Stone Age tech cultures.


Thought of the Day

Again, this one is courtesy the Rev. Jonathan Hagger; he states:

Scripture is a living being which, whilst it still breathes, has been embalmed by the Church.

Methinks he has a point there…

On Encouragement & Spiritual Life

Do you know that compliments and encouragment are like good energy currency? Saying something nice to someone is empowering. You could even say it is the pennies and nickles of healing …or even miracles. Just think! When you say one kind, encouraging, complimentary thing to someone, you are following in the footsteps of great spiritual teachers. Your little positive energy deposit is like Jesus’ healing miracles. You give a bit of kindness and you get a bit for your own heart. Thats how empowerment works. Share the love….

I have to admit that one of the reasons I feel so tossed up about spiritual matters is because my “beliefs” tend to be more “pagan” in nature, but I felt so much more “encouraged” among the Episcopalians. Unfortunately I have to say that it seems to me that as the years have gone by (and I started my pagan walk back in about, oh, late 1988-early 1989), a LOT of pagan people seem to be motivated more by ego needs than anything else. You can tell when people start using all these crazy pretentious titles, like “Lord” and “Lady” and “Grand High Priestess Witch Mage” or something like that.

To take it a step further, I found it a HUGE RELIEF, to NOT have to prove anything of my worth when I kept company with Christians, especially Episcopalians. I was valued just for being me, a daughter of God. The things I had to say, my insights, etc, were not viewed as a threat to anyone else’s grand high position as the great high priestess or whatever.

I just am really turned off by the statement “Jesus is my Lord & Savior” because of the stupid American fundamentalists.

Well, there it is. Just wanted to get that off my chest. I should not give up if I feel hugely encouraged among the Episcopalians, far more so than among pagans. I just have a few wrinkles to iron out…

Thought of the Day

Courtesy the Rev. Jonathan Hagger:

As we approach death we look back on the story of our life, not its science, which is as incidental as the food that sustained us in our unravelling tale.