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Just doing a little tweaking here. I did not like the disjointed direction my blog was going in, so I’m going to start over. That’s how I roll.

In the news of the weird: I have lost a friend because I refuse to wallow in straight guilt, white guilt, cisgender guilt, etc. Well, I regarded it as really unfair and unjust, that he’d throw straight, white, cisgender privilege up in my face (I guess I’d call it “social privilege” for lack of a better term) but become totally outraged when I threw his financial privilege up in his face (he is a gay white man, but he is also, to use his own words, an “overpaid computer programmer;” in the US, his job can gross an employee a starting salary of $50K-$95K a year, whereas Joe, who is a straight, white, blue-collar laborer, earned about $22K last year between his union work and unemployment money).

Sorry, but privilege is not a one-way street. Privilege is more like an onion. (What, it stinks? NO! It makes you cry? NO!) It has LAYERS.

So far as I am concerned, and as Joe pointed out to me, minorities like Barack & Michelle Obama – Colin Powell – Ellen DeGeneres – Chaz Bono – Elton John – Perez Hilton –  George Takei and many others are not viewed as utter human garbage as is any straight, white, cisgender man found panhandling on a street corner somewhere, or dumpster diving just to get a meal. Dumpster diving is something that this gay person I refer to (Mr. JH) has never had to do – but Joe has. JH has never lived on the street, but Joe has. JH has never missed breakfast, for pete’s sake; he’s an overweight diabetic. Joe, on the other hand, has had to go without meals to make sure his younger siblings ate.

Joe did mention that he’d like some of JH’s “oppression” because it’d mean that, like JH, he could have bought a brand-new car a few years back, instead of the rust-bucket of a 1984 Chevy pickup truck he’s currently driving. Joe has never owned a new car in his entire life. The last bit of “new transportation” that he owned was a new pair of boots.

Hell, some straight, white, cisgender people don’t even have a nice home to live in, as JH does. Joe has a student, a straight white woman named Jana who is learning the Northern ways from him, who is homeless. She & her husband  David live in a tent somewhere in south Orlando. I’ll bet she’d trade her tent for JH’s “oppression.”

So JH doesn’t need to be ranting from on high about the “privilege” someone like Joe supposedly has. As Joe himself said, “I’d really like to see some of this hetero white boy privilege!” Because that and a $5 gift card will get you a nice hot latte at Starbucks and that’s about it.

So clearly, this has really disturbed me. But then, a lot of things have disturbed me about him, and perhaps it’s better if we do discontinue contact.

OK, well I just wanted to get that off my chest as I refresh this blog.