I Will Not…

…be a TOOL of either the right OR the left!

I shade kinda liberal on some things, but on other things I shade more conservative.

If that makes me a fricking hater or a racist or whatever, fine, then that’s what it makes me.

I’d rather be that and truly free to make up my own mind on things, than be a tool of a given political system and be bound.

I have just been served yet another lesson that the liberals and lefties are not as interested in real freedom as they claim they are (I was tossed off of a liberal Facebook page for daring to voice a dissenting opinion and for calling out the admin for suppressing dissent). But they flatly refuse to admit this. You are not allowed to think outside of their little box – same as with the conservative box. The only difference between the two boxes is that one box is painted red, the other is blue. That’s it.

It’s ALL levels of conservatism, if you ask me. There’s really no such animal as a real “liberal” at all.



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