Batman Slaps Robin


OK I’m posting this because I believe I need to make several of these that apply to me. Only they’d have different words.

Me as Robin being slapped, saying, “But the first Europeans who came to the New World did not break any laws, so by definition they weren’t illegal immigrants – you can’t break laws that don’t exist yet.”

Batman slapping me, saying, “Check your white privilege, you stupid bitch! OF COURSE they were illegal immigrants!”


Me as Robin, saying, “Paganism really isn’t just about nature worship and earth spirituality…it has to do with ancestor worship…”

Batman: “Shut up, you idiot! It always has been and always will be about Mother Earth!”


Me as Robin, saying, “I support the troops!”

Batman: “All military personnel are just brainless thugs who are paid just to kill people! You’re a Nazi!”


Me as Robin, saying, “My father owned guns and he wasn’t an irresponsible redneck jackass about it.”

Batman: “Racist white supremacist! Guns are always evil and should be destroyed! No proper liberal favors guns or gun ownership!”

That one is why I posted this:


I mean, come on.

Anyway, that’s the idea. Usually I see the Batman meme favoring liberal positions, but I’m here to say that liberals HAVE in fact been in the position of Batman themselves, and it’s time they owned up about it. It’s time SOMEONE called them out on it. Someone HAS to do it, unpleasant as it is.

They’ve ALL become utter Nazis that demand conformity to their views, or else you’re not a REAL liberal/American/pagan/whatever….


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