From My FB Page

This kind of comment makes me hugely angry…I found it on another page…

Sue Henderson said: “To me soldiers aren’t heroes (they’re at the nice end of the gun) but people like this who risk their own lives and put their own health and safety on the line or simply give of themselves to help out, they’re the real heroes in this world.”

My US Army veteran husband says “You’re welcome.” For the three years of service he rendered in the military, protecting your Constitutional right to talk trash about him.

FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, BITCH. To ME, YOU don’t deserve Constitutional rights. Maybe if they were taken away from you, you’d come to appreciate them and the people who protect them a bit more than you do. Go move to Afghanistan, you worthless waste of human flesh.

I get REALLY TIRED, REALLY FAST of people who blow off our military. They should have their citizenship revoked and they should be thrown out of here. I hate the sanctimonious attitude of “oh, they’re just paid thugs, they’re brainless morons who can’t string a sentence together, if they actually could do something useful they wouldn’t be in the military,” etc.

Apparently a lot of people still think that the military takes any old brain dead washout. Not so, not any more.

Plus, this idiot does not seem to realize that active duty military personnel ARE FIRST RESPONDERS. Where the hell does this brain dead twat think first responders get their training? College?! The US Army Corps of Engineers is one of the first agencies the govt sends out for disaster relief. This would include men like Joe, who was a combat engineer and whose skills in construction and demolition could definitely come in handy during cleanup. Hey, if nothing else, he can operate a chainsaw and cut up fallen trees to get them out of the way of the roads – which, by the way, he would know how to repair if damage to the actual road itself had been done during a storm like Sandy.

Oh, but soldiers aren’t heroes.



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