So, here’s an update. Since my last post here, I’ve lost another 10 pounds! I’m down to 181 pounds now (and my fasting glucose today was 107). This is great. I’m still doing step aerobics (with weights) and walking (often with weights) to burn calories & glucose. On occasion I use the weight machines in the exercise room, or the treadmill. Plus I have made changes to my diet – bye bye to starches, like white bread and potatoes and rice, and I’ve also gone lower fat as well. Yay! Go me!

I tried on this skirt last night:

It is a kilted skirt made in the MacArthur tartan. The picture is an old picture; it was taken the day I got the skirt in the mail (I had been measured for it and placed an order for it several months previous, at a Renaissance Faire). By the time I got the skirt, I’d put on some weight and it was VERY tight on me.

But as of last night, it was feeling a bit looser. I think if I lose a little more weight, it’ll be no problem for me to fit easily into this skirt.

Here are more recent pictures of me:

I have to admit I feel really good with this weight loss – which, by the way, is about 38 pounds. Seeing the weight coming down is very encouraging, and my body does feel lighter. Movement is easier. I feel stronger and better able to walk for longer periods of time. This is a very good thing.

The American Diabetes Association Walk to Stop Diabetes is coming up soon. Methinks I’ll be able to handle a 5k walk. I’ve only raised $104 for it so far, but that’s something!


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One thought on “Update!

  1. wartica October 14, 2012 at 1:34 pm Reply

    Amazing job on cutting down another ten pounds; you not only look great, but you probably feel amazing:)

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