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Well, It’s Official

Today at All Saints Church, Winter Park, I knelt before Bishop Gregory Brewer…

…he laid his hands on my head, pronounced a blessing, anointed my forehead with oil in the form of the cross, and then he slapped my left cheek.

Thus, I was initiated.

I’m Episcopalian.

There is a slightly perverse part of me that thinks “sorry, UUs and Methodists, but it’s your loss, really.” So it is, but that’s not being all that charitable, is it?

But there it is. I’m an Episcopalian.

Rev. Debbie came out to see this; she told me she stood up in the back when I was called to go before the bishop. Standing indicates something like unto vouching for someone. Yay! I had a priest stand for me. I really want to see more of her, as often as I can. I like Rev. Debbie a lot. I really enjoyed being part of St. Joe’s. What a pity it had to close.

I feel like a change really happened today, even more so than when I got married – which is kind of bizarre. I have no idea why this is. Maybe it’s because this confirmation ceremony was actually more elaborate than my wedding. But yes, a change has been effected. Things are very different now…


Got It

Got my baptism records from Woodside United Methodist. Now to figure out getting myself received into the Episcopal Church.

I haven’t been to Eucharist in a long time, though. That ain’t good. But I do have to admit that sometimes I think my views distance me from most views I would think of as Christian. Long story.

I’m currently reading a book on my Nook called “The Tent of Abraham.” It goes into Christian and Jewish and Muslim views of the story of Abraham, the founding father of all three faiths. Very interesting stuff. It also talks about how Abraham’s story can be a teaching moment even for us in the 21st century. Good book.

I haven’t used this blog much because WordPress is a bit weird…