A Snake On A Plane

I just found this over on Facebook:

I also learned that he funds this.

He has also given money to Harvard University.

Now, this is my “suspicious bitch bump” talking (I borrowed the phrase “suspicious bastard bump” from Joe and tweaked it to suit my gender), but now that I know this about this guy, I just HAVE to WONDER what kinds of things these “enlightened” programs teach about Islam and Muslim culture, etc, at Georgetown and Harvard, using his money.

Given that the internet has no tone of voice, you’ll have to assume that the above was spoken with some heavy-duty sarcasm inserted there.

I know what my dad would say about this guy, and it wouldn’t be pretty. Not at all. Let’s just say it’s a good thing my father did not live during the Golden Age of the great knightly/monastic Orders, such as the Templars and Hospitallers. He’d have tried to join them, and he would *gladly* have gone on crusade to the Holy Land.

Having just read some interesting dirt on this guy, I have to wonder if Dad was right. And see, guys like HRH doesn’t have to resort to flying planes into buildings to get his point across to us stupid Americans. No, he’s got money. He can buy university professors and have them teaching the youth of our country how to hate our country. Far, far more dangerously subversive and a lot deeper-reaching than something so crass and barbaric as a mere terrorist attack using airplanes.

This sort of ties in with something else I found on Facebook:

Oh yes, I think these two memes have everything to do with each other. As Dad used to say, “Follow the money.” When one does that, all KINDS of interesting truths come out.

Does this make me a conservative? Perhaps in some ways, it does. But not quite in the same way as some people are “conservatives.” And even if it does, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are some things about the US that are worth “conserving,” and sometimes walking against the tide of popular leftist opinion is lonely and painful.

But long ago I swore to myself that I would serve the truth, and I can’t go back on that promise.

I don’t have any hard and fast proof that HRH’s money really is funding anti-American sentiment, but I think there is a strong possibility. People need to take this into consideration…

Follow the money…


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