Yes, It’s True…

…yesterday, Joe and I tied the knot.

We are now legally married. Huzzah!

We then went to lunch at a great Indian restaurant right up the street, then shopped for some diabetic friendly food to keep in the house. Once we got it home, we threw out almost everything that wasn’t diabetes-friendly (with the exception of a few things that Joe can eat, like bagels and whatnot) and now I’m pretty good to go. Just got to go back later this week for some celery and another dozen eggs.

I also got a five-pound bag of almonds. These are said to be a diabetes SUPER-FOOD. They help the body become more tolerant to insulin, they control glucose, they’re tasty, they’re good on heart-friendly fats, and they’ve got protein. I just completed a 1.25 mile walk on the treadmill and then nibbled on a handful of almonds to stave off a slight hunger until lunchtime.

I’ve also taken some weight off. This is good. The low-carb/lean proteins diet seems to be helping. People say I’ll feel GREAT when I get this diabetes under control. I can’t wait! Not that I feel that bad right now.

But there it is. Now Joe and I are married. I do plan to keep my own name for a while; it’s such a pain in the backside to change everything. Maybe later I’ll get that done, but there’s no rush.


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