How Is This “Honorable?”

I just found this meme on a (Wiccan) friend’s Facebook page:

Now here’s my question.

OK yes, this guy who posted this is Wiccan. All well and good. But doesn’t it say a lot about him & his faith, that he feels the need to tear another faith down in order to feel good about his own?

Shades of “I’m glad I’m not like that tax collector over there.”

Admittedly, this very post I’m making is sort of shading in that direction also, but there does come a point…

It also goes to show how 5th grade his understanding of Christianity actually still is.

He also posted this:

And this:

Yet he expects tolerance for HIS path?

He used to be a Christian preacher himself – Protestant. I suppose this stands to reason, really. A lot of former Protestants, when they leave the church, are very bitter indeed. Well, I guess former Catholics can be too.

But I just don’t see how this is a positive thing.

Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate.


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