A New Day

Had a tough night last night. I’m not sleeping well, because I am having apocalyptic visions of what’s wrong with me.

I’m impossible. :sigh:

Today’s weight: 208.

Yesterday: 210.

I understand daily fluctuations are normal.

One thing I’m doing now is grazing throughout the day. This maintains a steady blood sugar level, and controls my appetite so I don’t pig out at regular meals.

Next week, I have off. I think it’s time Joe and I made it official. I hope I make it thru this week!!

I don’t want to sound horrible about this, but part of the reason for getting married is because, well, what if I have to go into the hospital for what I have? He’s all I’ve got here in FL as far as people around to help me, and he needs to be able to come see me and do things for me and whatnot. It’s just logical.

And besides, after all this time…we seem to be companions. We’re not going anywhere at this point.

Oh, and please keep my mother Billie in your prayers today. Her beautiful black cat Rocky has some form of cancer, and it’s time to let him go. The poor boy collapsed yesterday afternoon, and there’s no help for him now. My heart goes out to her; I’d be a basket case if this was my little Gustav:

So there it is. Keep me and my mother in your prayers today. We sure do need them. A lot.


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