Life Update

Well, no news yet on the ultrasound. I’m now a bit more concerned about my pancreas, for various reasons. But I’m not in a lot of pain, just low-level nagging pain. It almost feels like I strained a muscle under my right breast or something. I keep wanting to shift and adjust my body to deal with a fold of flesh or whatever.

Could just be gallstones. Although I’ve heard that involves significant pain, and I’m able to go about my usual business right now.

I really need to eat a lot more fiber than I do.

I think the time is also coming when Joe and I need to get married. We’re just at that point. We’re companions, and we’re not going anywhere away from each other. A simple ceremony at the courthouse is ok for me; I’m not really comfortable with the idea of a big ceremony where I’m the center of attention, etc. I’m a lot shyer than people realize.

Oh, and I purchased a bathroom scale yesterday. I currently weigh 213.4 pounds, or just over 15 stone. Yes, it measures in stone and kg too. I think I’m about 93 kg.

If I shift my diet, keep walking, and add water activity (water walking/swimming, etc) perhaps I’ll take some of this weight off. Thankfully my blood pressure seems good, not high.

Pray for me and my health. I’m a little nervous. Thank you kindly.

EDIT: Last night, when I weighed myself, I was 213.4. But I was also wearing clothes. This morning, weighing myself nude, fresh out of the shower, I weighed exactly 210. Hmmmmmm. I’ll weigh myself every day at the same time, sans clothing, before breakfast.


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