This Is Why…

…for all that I like nature, I don’t really advocate a “back to nature” lifestyle.

Click here to see one of the wonderful things technology can do for paraplegics – it can help them have a much fuller life without wheelchairs.

This page has videos of this device in operation.

This is one of the reasons I feel like I don’t quite fit in with the modern neo-pagan world – it seems to focus too much on “earth worship” or “earth spirituality” and unfortunately it simultaneously seems to demonize “civilization” and “technology.”

This to me is unnecessary, and even undesireable. Technology and civilization’s gifts to us have enhanced the life of countless people all around the world, for thousands of years. Technology gave us the very computers we are using right now. These are great human accomplishments and deserve to be celebrated.

Sometimes I want to say to the “back to nature” types: “OK but you have to give up your laptop – your a/c – your modern medicine – your iPod and iPhone and iPad – good dentistry – etc etc etc.” I don’t know how long they’d last without these things!

Anyway, it’s some food for thought.



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