Ultrasound Day

Oh yay. I get to go have an ultrasound done today to figure out why I was having pain on the right side of my torso. Many people have told me that if it was my appendix, I’d be in towering pain – and it’s just not that bad. At all.

I’m a bit concerned for my pancreas and my blood sugar levels. All week I’ve been eating low glycemic load foods; these foods also are shown to have minimal effect on inflammation in the body OR they are slightly anti-inflammatory. Last night I had some raw white mushrooms and hummus. As I understand it, the closer a food is to its unprocessed, raw state, the better it is to eat.

Gallstones are a possibility as well. Mom told me she had to have her gallbladder out, but she also told me that she was in terrible pain leading up to her gallbladder surgery. Joe’s ex Susan also had to have her gallbladder out, and supposedly she also had a lot of terrible pain. I’m not having pain THAT bad! Just a slight nagging “ow.”

I do tend to PANIC about health stuff. I panic because I know that even with insurance, my out of pocket expenses might be too high for me to handle – I panic because I’ve never had surgery on anything in my life and I have these fears that I will die from the anesthesia – I panic for a lot of reasons. I always imagine the absolute worst, like utter death.

If the US had a nationalized health plan, I’d be more willing to go and get things taken care of while they were small – like having my blood sugar tested. But it’s the profit-driven private health insurance industry that is absolutely out of control around here and which makes me reluctant to go see the doctor.

I’m exhausted. Got up at 4am today because that’s when Joe had to get up to get to work. Any time he has to go work out at the convention center, he’s up at 4am so he can get there before 6am, which is when they start charging for parking. If you ask me, it’s a complete ripoff, for the Orange County Convention Center to charge $8/day just to park your car on their lot. And that’s discounted parking – normally it’s $13/day.

I’m fecking TIRED, dammit, and want to go back to bed and get some SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!



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