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My Diabetes Blog

Here is the blog I’m using to make notes on my walk as a diabetic woman.

I can do this. I can handle this.



I think my Wiccan friend needs to learn this:

Why The US Needs Universal Health Care

Just read this post and it should be quite clear.

To say “I don’t want to pay for someone else’s health care” is just selfish and inhumane.

How Is This “Honorable?”

I just found this meme on a (Wiccan) friend’s Facebook page:

Now here’s my question.

OK yes, this guy who posted this is Wiccan. All well and good. But doesn’t it say a lot about him & his faith, that he feels the need to tear another faith down in order to feel good about his own?

Shades of “I’m glad I’m not like that tax collector over there.”

Admittedly, this very post I’m making is sort of shading in that direction also, but there does come a point…

It also goes to show how 5th grade his understanding of Christianity actually still is.

He also posted this:

And this:

Yet he expects tolerance for HIS path?

He used to be a Christian preacher himself – Protestant. I suppose this stands to reason, really. A lot of former Protestants, when they leave the church, are very bitter indeed. Well, I guess former Catholics can be too.

But I just don’t see how this is a positive thing.

Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate.

Now I Know

Now I know what’s up with me.

I have diabetes.

I knew I would. I always thought it wasn’t so much a matter of “if” but “when.”

Given that my father had it, my mother has it, her brother has it, their grandfather had it…yep, I knew this was coming.

For some reason, I feel really empowered about it. I know I can handle this. Hah!

Ok so there we have it.

EDT: Wanted to include some further info…

Blood sugar level: 195 (this was tested today at the doctor’s office when the nurse showed me how to use my new meter)

Food so far today:

Breakfast: 1 apple
Lunch: Subway black forest ham salad (spinach, tomato, black olives, ham, cukes) honey-mustard dressing
Snack: 2 small sugar-free Russel Stover candies (chocolate, caramel, nuts)

Those Russel Stovers are really good, by the way. Tastes exactly like real candy to me. So I can satisfy my sweet/chocolate craving with sugar-free candies. These contain Splenda instead of sugar.

Now, I was going to go for a walk today but I turned my ankle while trying on shoes at Payless, so maybe I shouldn’t walk on it right now. We’ll see how I feel later. Meanwhile, I got two new pairs of sandals to replace my two old beaten up pairs! Yay!

EDIT 2: Jumped into the pool and got about half an hour of swimming in. If I keep doing this, I think it will help.

Doc Day

Today I go see my doctor. I seem to have a low temperature (about 99).

Today’s weigh-in: 207

Yesterday: 208

Tuesday: 210

Monday evening: 213

This is weird. And it’s scaring the hell out of me. I’ve never faced any kind of serious health problems before, so I’m not sure what all this means, all these symptoms I’m having (some of which I haven’t mentioned here) and whatnot.

I’ve been so scared, I’ve busted out into screaming tears and completely lost my composure several times since I had the ultrasound done. The not knowing is just killing me.

Got to admit: adding fiber to my diet seems to have helped some things. Hmmm.

A New Day

Had a tough night last night. I’m not sleeping well, because I am having apocalyptic visions of what’s wrong with me.

I’m impossible. :sigh:

Today’s weight: 208.

Yesterday: 210.

I understand daily fluctuations are normal.

One thing I’m doing now is grazing throughout the day. This maintains a steady blood sugar level, and controls my appetite so I don’t pig out at regular meals.

Next week, I have off. I think it’s time Joe and I made it official. I hope I make it thru this week!!

I don’t want to sound horrible about this, but part of the reason for getting married is because, well, what if I have to go into the hospital for what I have? He’s all I’ve got here in FL as far as people around to help me, and he needs to be able to come see me and do things for me and whatnot. It’s just logical.

And besides, after all this time…we seem to be companions. We’re not going anywhere at this point.

Oh, and please keep my mother Billie in your prayers today. Her beautiful black cat Rocky has some form of cancer, and it’s time to let him go. The poor boy collapsed yesterday afternoon, and there’s no help for him now. My heart goes out to her; I’d be a basket case if this was my little Gustav:

So there it is. Keep me and my mother in your prayers today. We sure do need them. A lot.